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Accredited Gurmat Psychospiritual Therapist
Accredited Right-Mindfulness teacher

  • Masters in Gurmat Metaphysical Science & Psychospiritual Therapy (MSc)

  • Pending PhD in Mindfulness – investigating the effect of mindfulness teaching on gender-specific emotion regulation and personality

Specialised in Right-Mindfulness Meditation, Mental Health, Addictive Behaviour, Trauma, Suicide Prevention, Men’s Mental Health, Transpersonal Psychology and Psycho-Spiritual Development. Stephan’s expertise is rooted in the Gurmat Therapeutic Model of Health and Wellness, as part integral of the individual’s personal development and organic growth of the Whole Person.

Specialism; Mental health, Men's mental health, Addictive behaviour, Student Suicide Prevention, Transpersonal psychology and psycho-spiritual development

Stephan Calteau: Meet the Team

Gurmat Therapy enabled Stephan to establish a unique method of teaching meditation and healing techniques that are designed to help practitioners to:

  • Develop an understanding of the science behind the mind-body connection,

  • Explore one’s current psychological and physiological conditions and states by examining the root of cause, of our current psychological distress,

  • Learn to reduce and eliminate one’s survival response – Fight, Flight, and Freeze mode and re-establish body homeostasis,

  • Learn to evaluate and self-diagnose the impact of one’s ill-health on psychological, emotional, physical and transpersonal levels,

  • Develop and maintain self-care strategies by gradually cultivating a conscious-awareness attitude of the Body, the Breath, and the Authentic Self within a psycho-spiritual framework,  

  • Enable a higher possibility to ‘healing’ by bringing one’s the mind and body to connect with our authentic self within an ethical choice of health pathway. 

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Sign up for a bespoke holistic health prescription enabling you to cultivate health, healing and wholeness. After completing a full whole health assessment, we will prescribe you an evidence-based tailored prescription, based on your individual health needs bringing together 1-2-1 Transpersonal Therapy, Right-mindfulness based health intervention (samasatti), Authentic Compassion-based interventions, Qi Gong Therapy, Right-Yoga Therapy (embodied), Breath (Pranayama) Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Nutrition (Science of healing) and other Integral health therapies.

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Having ‘walk the walk’ himself, Stephan has a profound personal experience on the way addictive behaviours affect all aspects of life.  Gurmat Therapy enabled Stephan to recognise that it is essential to step away from the biomedical model to identify the root cause of ‘addiction’ through a psycho-spiritual lens. Whereas the biomedical, behavioural and addiction models focus on the symptoms of addiction, Stephan approaches the symptoms of ‘addiction’ as the manifestation of the ‘calling of the soul’. We will learn the science behind mind-body connection to gain a wider understanding about the difference between hunger of body vs hunger of the soul. We will then be guided how to regain mastery over the disease by developing a step-by-step self-care strategy. Within a psycho-spiritual framework, we will be able to practice experiential methods and applications of traditional healing practices; and organically reduce the cycle of urges and cravings created by fear, anger, trauma. The psycho-spiritual method will help us to eliminate our ego defects, i.e., impulsivity, resentment, bitterness, selfishness by cultivating the antidotes of compassion, optimism, joy to fill in the spiritual void that consumed us.

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Having experienced ‘Toxic Masculinity’ from a young age has led Stephan to adopt restrictive emotional attitude towards himself. For years, this emotional restriction had a self-destructive effect that impacted his psychological, emotional, physical and transpersonal health. Gurmat Therapy enabled Stephan to realise that ‘Toxic Masculinity’ or the pressure to adherence to traditional masculine norms and conform to masculine behaviours can be traumatic. The issue is that from a young age, we learn to suppress our emotional and physical pain; then from our adolescence we learn to control and dominate our mental health in the pursuit of societal privileges. Consequently, we assume that we are self-reliant; but more importantly we tend to ignore our own needs. Eventually, we harm ourselves by denying our openness and vulnerability to our emotions. We believe that we can fix ourselves and we attempt to sooth our suffering by fill it in with alcohol, substance use, drugs, food and so. Over time we become depressed, anxious or develop cancer. However, Gurmat Therapy can help you find yourself again by reconnecting with your true self, while maintaining your masculinity. Let’s empowering ourselves by regaining touch with our ‘self’ authentically, not conditioned. Allow yourself to self-actualise your masculinity by cultivating discipline, compassion and openness to your emotions; and still being able to express and maintain a healthy sense of masculinity.  Find the path to the freedom from toxic masculinity, which can, not only help us heal from toxic maleness but ensuring that healthy masculinity can be transferred to the future generation.

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Having completed a PhD while working part-time for 5 and a half years, teaching, completing his doctoral development, going on project collaboration, completing coursework deadline, presenting at conferences; while being a new parent, attending an additional master’s degree course - bi-monthly for two and half years. Required not only really good time management skills, but endurance, self-care strategies and psychological and emotional resilience. Stephan has experienced student life with its ups and downs, while fulfilling other life and professional duties. However, if it was not for the support of regular right-mindfulness meditation and the application of traditional healings practices from his masters at the Gurmat Therapy School of meta-physical science and psycho-spiritual psychology all these years. Stephan would not have managed to regulate his health efficiently and would have burnt out, depressed or adopt self-destructive behaviour - but he did not. This inspired Stephan to develop a Right-Mindfulness intervention that will help PGRs and Staff to develop and maintain health care strategies incorporating relapse prevention techniques; while being under pressure, facing life changes and yet being able to maintain a decent life-balance. These health care strategies and health care preventions are designed to increase the student focus and concentration, improve sleeping pattern; and strengthen their psychological capacity to maximise their academic performance and fulfil their academic curriculum in all resiliency.

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Stephan has an in depth-experience of contemplative meditation and altered consciousness/realities to safely explore the client’s experience of spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency commonly known as hallucination, psychosis, addictive behaviour and depression. How the role of these altered consciousness can be approached and integrated in our life, within a transpersonal and psycho-spiritual framework. The client will be given knowledge on the context of how extraordinary experiences – or meta-physical/mystical experiences are formed, and the right practices to overcome or even eliminate the underlying cause of spiritual emergence and spiritual emergencies often linked to past trauma, experience or fear of death, long-term illness, or loss. The lack of understanding of those intense experiences can create serious long-term damage on your psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

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Stephan Calteau: Services
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