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School of Gurmat Metaphysical Science & Psycho-Spiritual Psychology

Redefining health, wellbeing and being human

Gurmat Therapy® is a Psycho-spiritual approach to optimising mental, emotional, physical & transpersonal health and wellness. We offer an integral psychology that offers a map to heal the whole person. It is a comprehensive approach to understanding human experience, development and growth. Gurmat therapy is the study of embodied consciousness, of Jiva, including the holistic study and understanding of human nature, exploration and the actualisation of its latent potential for the health of the individual and society at large.

Gurmat Therapy® offers a systematic inquiry into who we are and how we live as human beings, taking into account and makes use of the vast range of experiential based knowledge so that one can clearly understand and effectively approach self-development and growth.

Gurmat Therapy® is safe and supportive high intensity therapeutic programme to experience mental, emotional, physical and transpersonal psychological states to apply taught/learnt skills to cultivate internal health, harmony and well-being rooted in Gurmat based Consciousness teachings and psycho-spiritual psychology.

Gurmat Therapy® has demonstrated itself to be highly effective in addressing both psychological and transpersonal needs, including depression, anxiety, stress as well as spiritual emergence and spiritual emergencies.

Gurmat therapy® also offers a professional 3 year developmental, experiential certified course for practitioners and health professional that is designed to provide individuals with practical skills combining experiential practices and sound scientific and philosophical underpinning by world class expert Master Dav Panesar.

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Master Dav Panesar BSc (Hons) MRSC MCIM MSc.

World renowned specialist in transforming personal and transpersonal health, wellness and actualising human potential.

Master Dav Panesar is scientist, (chemist & Microbiologist), transpersonal psychologist, holds a Masters in Consciousness studies & Transpersonal Psychology and the founder of Gurmat Psycho-spiritual therapy.

He is specialist in mind-heart-body medicine, a pioneer of right-mindfulness & contemplative based health intervention with over 30 years’ experience and is an internationally recognised expert in transpersonal (psycho-spiritual) & transformative health and wellness medicine. Master Dav brought Right-Mindfulness as a health intervention to the United Kingdom.

His expertise and experience in developing, teaching and working with heart, mind and consciousness based approaches and models for whole-health has earned him international respect and recognition, making him and his approaches highly sought after.

He is the founder of Gurmat Therapy and Psychology; a psycho-spiritual framework created over the past 30 years within the field of consciousness-based approach to optimising physical, mental, emotional and transpersonal or psycho-spiritual health, wellbeing and pan human-evolution.

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Master Davinder Singh Panesar

Gurmat - A practical guide to self realisation is the first publication of its kind that is based on the psycho-spiritual paradigm, that brings together psychology, mind-body science, psycho-physiology, transpersonal development and practical approaches to cultivate a path towards health, wellbeing, self-actualisation, self-realisation and ultimately a state of self-sovereignty, all within the context of the Sikh wisdom tradition.

This publication clearly identifies the current outdated and distorted bio-medical and psychological models within the dominant Western worldview. It juxtaposes the Western psychological model against the time tested, consciousness based Eastern models, particularly that of the Sikh wisdom tradition.

In addition to providing a comprehensive model of what it is to be human, based on teachings of the Sikh Gurus, it further explores the nature of the mind, the role of the ego, its construction, function and transcendence.  Moreover, it provides the role the ego in mental illness, creating its own suffering, storing and reinforcing it unhealthy cognitive patterns of behaviour.

Finally, it provides practical techniques and practices, backed through understanding and experience, that enable heal and induction of life affirming positive psychological states.

This is the first publication of its kind that truly brings the timeless teachings from the Sikh wisdom tradition and their impact of personal and transpersonal health and wellbeing. Opening the door for further research and platform to challenge the outdated and ineffective models for mental health and authenticity, and provide time tested effective interventions.

Gurmat provides a comprehensive non-eurocentric psychological model to health, holism and wellbeing. The ancient wisdom traditions of Indian civilization have undertaken the most profound examination of the human mind and consciousness. This book introduces Gurmat, one of the most advanced psycho-spiritual and wellbeing systems to emerge from the east. Its approach addressing human suffering, self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-sovereignty.

Gurmat makes an important contribution to the science of psychological studies, psycho-physiology, mental health and provides a perennial form of healing which includes the realisation of the eternal, limitless sacred nature of the Self beyond the confines of the ego-complex (haumai). It complements the health systems of Buddhist psychology or Abidharam, Yoga and Aryuveda.

In contrast to the highly evolved Eastern psychological systems, Western psychology is relatively primitive in its approach to cultivation of psychological health and wellbeing ; let alone what lies beyond the ego. The current biomedical model is distorted and incorrect, founded on mind-body separation, without any real understanding of the nature of mind nor consciousness.

This book represents a valuable contribution to the science of holism, health and wellness, and will be of great value not only to psychologists, counselors, therapists and mental health professionals, but also to those individuals who are interested in their own evolution and development.

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