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Certified Integral Holistic Health practitioner
Accredited Right-Mindfulness teacher

Angie has worked with people from many walks of life and has gained broad knowledge and experience through her own life experiences, work in the prison sector and as part of social services, as well as through her keen interest and study of self-development and holistic healthcare. 

She has personal experience of anxiety, stress and depression; and the negative impact this has on physical health, mental health, relationships, mood and overall well-being. Having being referred to hospital specialists in 2016 due to extreme anxiety, she is able to talk from first hand experience about navigating through anxiety to fully understand what it is, what it means personally and how to move past it and create a life without it.

Angie has a special interest in balancing well-being needs with family life, work and societal pressures. As a working carer, she understands and appreciates how challenging it can be to prioritise well-being when life is busy and demands and expectations are high. 

She works with people to help them free themselves from unnecessary suffering; empower them to regain peace,  confidence, balance and perspective; find their authentic self; connect to themselves and the world around them and prioritise their own well-being. 

Angie has personal experience of addiction within the family and can work with individuals in overcoming the impact this has on them and their families.

Specialism; Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Mental health, Burnout, Prioritising well-being, Holistic Healthcare, Impact of Addiction.

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Angie experienced severe anxiety which presented itself in many physical ways. Her physical and mental health deteriorated as a result and it affected her relationships and her ability to deal with life. Her physical symptoms became so debilitating that she had many tests, ecgs, scans and several trips to the doctors, A&E and the hospital cardiologist. After being given a clean bill of health and no guidance about how to heal herself, Angie spent 6 months trying anything and everything to help free herself from her suffering. What Angie learnt through Gurmat Therapy and the tools and methods she adopted from her mentors and teachers; Angie was able to rid herself of every physical symptom and illness she was experiencing. After 6 months and a lot of trial and error, she now knows what truly helps those experiencing anxiety. It does take work and commitment but it only takes days to feel improvement and weeks to feel completely different. Angie talks from first-hand experience about how it's possible to navigate through anxiety so that you can fully understand what it is, understand what it means to you personally and show you how to move past it and create a life without it.

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Angie has experienced the common life situations that lead to stress such as house moves, financial problems, work-related stress, societal pressures, children, strain within family relationships and marriage. She has herself suffered stress, burnout, overwhelm and compassion fatigue. Angie has also experienced caring for a loved one with addiction and has also been a Foster Carer so has experience of dealing with very complex and difficult situations which can come with a high level of stress. For a long time, Angie allowed these stresses to overcome her life and they led to her experiencing physical illness, depression and anxiety. The problems, issues and stresses became her priority meaning that her own wellbeing and health suffered. Right-mindfulness and Gurmat Therapy provided Angie with a way to learn to live largely stress-free and to deal with difficult and stressful situations without suffering herself as a result. Angie also has a passion for balancing well-being needs with family life, work, societal pressures and stress. Angie really understands and appreciates how hard it is to have many different hats to wear, roles to fill and people to care for. It can be very difficult to prioritise well-being when life is busy and demands and expectations are high. Angie has managed to do this for herself and realises the importance this has on wellbeing, health and stress levels.

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Angie has experienced caring for a family member who suffered with addiction. She and her loved ones have been through the highs and lows and stresses and strains that addiction brings. Addiction can be a harrowing experience for the addicted but it is also a traumatic experience for those around them who watch, worry, suffer and despair; with no real control of the situation. Whilst the situation will always remain outside of your control, Angie learnt that how we perceive and process the experience is within our control. It is possible to feel peace amongst the chaos. Angie understands the importance of right-mindfulness and connection in situations where addiction is involved. She can support those that care for the addicted to process the addiction healthily and move forward in spite of it.

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