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Certified Gurmat Psycho-spiritual therapist
Accredited Right-Mindfulness teacher


  • Accredited Trainer: Gurmat (Psycho-Spiritual) Based Mindfulness (GBMi)

  • Masters in Gurmat Metaphysical Science and Psychospiritual Therapy (MSc)

  • Trained in Combined Therapy that uses elements of Counselling, Support Techniques, Psychotherapy, Integrative Methods and Life Coaching

  • Masters in Health Psychology (MSc)

For the past 7 years, Maciej has been working with various patients suffering from a range of minor to severe mental health issues. He saw first-hand how Western Medicine fails to address the holistic aspect of an individual, and how this leads to the same patients coming back with the same symptoms. In his practice, he pays attention to each aspect of health by looking into physical, emotional, mental and transpersonal qualities providing person-centred therapy. His understanding of mental health stems from his personal experience of spiritual emergencies in his early adulthood. These experiences left him with a vocation to work in Gurmat Psycho-Spiritual Therapy. His special interest lies in altered states of consciousness that while sometimes being difficult to understand, can certainly be integrated for the benefit of every individual. Finally, he is interested in plant medicine and drug harm reduction programmes, educating and spreading knowledge about responsible use of psychoactive substances. He works with his clients on the integration of insights gained during psychedelic trips into their daily lives, providing the right tools and supportive techniques.

Specialism; Mental health, Integration of Spiritual Emergencies, Psychosis, Mystical and Psychedelic Experiences, Plant Medicine and Drug Harm Reduction

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Ever since Maciej was a child, he was much more sensitive and perceptive than the others around him. Growing up, these abilities made him a dreamer living in a moment and struggling to be part of society. His interest in Eastern Psychology, Alternative Therapies and Holistic Medicine began in early teenage years. Maciej's extensive knowledge of Psychedelic Integration stems from many hours of theoretical research combined with wisdom gained from individual and group experiences. Psychedelic Integration is an essential step to be undertaken soon after any psychedelic journey, as it brings long-term benefits. There is a healing potential in every psychedelic substance if its use is followed by the process of integration. Every insight, be it in the form of sensations in the body, emotions, mental content or visions, can be processed in a healthy manner with the assistance of a therapist who mastered that particular modality. In integration therapy, ‘bad trips’ do not exist, because — if correctly understood under the right guidance — everything can be integrated into daily life. Maciej became grounded, balanced and centred between the realms of spirituality and the material world with help from Gurmat Therapy and the lineage of masters passed onto him by Davinder Panesar.

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Recently, media coverage of psychedelic substances is going through what is known as a ‘psychedelic renaissance’ but rarely does it emphasise responsible substance use. This trend in turn has a negative effect on those who try psychedelics for the first time without an understanding of the basics (such as dosage and tolerance), or the importance of set and setting (meaning: the subject's mindset and the consumption environment). However, long-term users can often benefit from harm reduction to minimise the substances' side-effects. Maciej is educating individuals on the responsible use of psychedelic substances to reduce potential harm and reap the benefits that these substances can offer. Ever since all psychedelic substances have been made illegal, young adults going through the rebellious phase in their lives see drug abuse as an opportunity to escape reality and a method of defiance against those in power. This often leads to substance misuse followed by a decline in physical, emotional, mental and transpersonal health. Gurmat Therapy does not condone the psychoactive substance users but rather assists them in making conscious decisions to minimise potential harm coming from substance misuse. Maciej is interested in clinical use of psychedelic substances to challenge treatment-resistant depression, fear and anxiety of death in people living with cancer, cluster headaches and alcohol and tobacco addictions.

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Maciej is the sole survivor of severe mental health problems that affected him and his cousins, who sadly took their own life. Through the course of Gurmat Therapy, he learned how to detach from the trauma of being in the ‘system’, diagnosed with episodes of psychosis in his early twenties. Today, he is able to guide and help those who experience transpersonal health crises, be it episodes of psychosis or spiritual emergencies. His experience in long-term recovery and the cultivation of mental well-being, can be invaluable in helping those who struggle with severe mental health problems. He provided person-centred care to many patients suffering from a range of mental health issues. Often psychosis is an umbrella term that is frequently applied to those that go through spiritual emergency and require instant help from a trauma-informed transpersonal therapist. Maciej can offer guidance in navigation through unique challenges that it can bring due to his lived experience. Moreover, the wisdom that has been passed on him during Gurmat Therapy programme allows him to safely navigate people in transpersonal crises, through gratitude and self-compassion to the state of balance and well-being.

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