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Certified Gurmat Psycho-spiritual therapist
Accredited Right-Mindfulness teacher


Accredited Trainer: Gurmat (psycho-spiritual) Based Mindfulness (GMBi)
Masters in Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapy (MSc)
Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy

As a fully trained Optometrist who has been successfully caring for people's eyesight for over 15 years, Ravinder is very well respected and Sincerely experienced in Client Centric Care, with hundreds of satisfied patients.
He has become very knowledgeable in the field of naturopathic nutrition by studying at the London College of Naturopathic Medicine and has also attended the Institute for Functional Medicine's Certification Program.

He also trained for 3 years with Innersource in Eden Energy Medicine pioneered by Donna Eden. In recent years he has qualified in Gurmat Therapy as taught by Master Dav Panesar and is now exploring the role of movement and breathing on health. This new knowledge and insight has resulted in major improvements in his own health and the clients he has helped. He is passionate about combining the best of natural medicine, and Right mindfulness to address conditions affecting the cardiovascular system, digestion, chronic pain, anger, poor confidence and relationship issues.
Ravinder is an advocate of natural medicine and wellness. His mission is to make it as easy as possible for others to experience real balance and good health. With his friendly and caring demeanour, he brings a balanced and non-judgemental approach to helping clients find a solution to their problems.
Ravinder's personal health care experience and holistic training has given him a truly unique insight into how to improve human health. He encourages everyone to improve their health by taking a holistic view of their lifestyle and making adjustments that will encourage their bodies to operate at optimum levels. 
He loves working with men and clients who have been everywhere and to everyone, yet haven't found the cause to their poor health.  
"Gurmat Therapy saves a person years and years of searching, with a simple powerful process"
Ravinder Plahe


In his early thirties Ravinder was blessed to overcome the experience of social anxiety whilst discovering one of his inner identities that isolated him from the rest of the world.  Upon this discovery most of his inhibitions fell away and he was able to become a fully self-expressing human being.  Gurmat-Therapy has taken him further into this journey and the understanding of his true self. 

In his late teens and in his twenties Ravinder experienced social anxiety.  He felt he didn’t fit in and felt different to everyone else.  This led him to be anxious about what people thought about him when he walked into a room, he couldn’t do simple things like spark a conversation with a stranger at a bus stop.  He constantly undervalued himself and missed out on life changing opportunities.  It interfered with his ability to make meaningful relationships outside of his close circle of friends and would shy away from public speaking and performances.  He resorted to social drinking even though he had  been a non-drinker.  This was short lived as he knew there was a deeper issue and this wasn’t the answer.

Having been taught personality and psychometrics at a high level, it wasn’t until he experienced Gurmat-Therapy that he was able to discover an easier way to uncover his true nature and experience the power and contentment that this provides.

It showed him how simple it is to find inauthentic parts of ourselves (identities) that create our destructive patterns and drop them away.  Gurmat-Therapy allows a human being to become their own therapist and get to the root cause of an issue even when it seems impossible.   This Self-Discovery and looking at oneself has allowed Ravinder to experience life with greater genuine confidence and pleasure without the need for validation and overcompensating.  He is a constant learner and educator and has a strong foundation in science.   


As a holistic health coach Ravinder has been successfully assisting people who have a poor relationship with food, overeating, under-eating and sugar addiction.  He has overcome his own issues with body image/body dysmorphia through Mindfulness, spiritual awakening and the study of human movement.

After suffering from digestive issues and symptoms of poor health in 2006, he developed a passion and keen interest in healthy eating, nutrition and good mental health; this Fuelled a deep desire to learn all he could about the connection between the mind and energetics of the body,  nutrition and health. Thus, spending over 15 years extensively researching and further training into the effects of the mind, nutrition and lifestyle changes on the body and its contribution to a healthy balanced life. Having experienced low mood, anxious feelngs and low self esteem makes him an example of one who has travelled the road to healing oneself mentally and uncovering ones real self.


Sign up for a bespoke holistic health prescription enabling you to cultivate health, healing and wholeness. After completing a full whole health assessment, we will prescribe you an evidence-based tailored prescription, based on your individual health needs bringing together 1-2-1 Transpersonal Therapy, Right-mindfulness based health intervention (samasatti), Authentic Compassion-based interventions, Qi Gong Therapy, Right-Yoga Therapy (embodied), Breath (Pranayama) Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Nutrition (Science of healing) and other Integral health therapies.

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