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Certified Gurmat Psycho-spiritual therapist

Accredited Right-Mindfulness teacher


  • Accredited Trainer: Gurmat (psycho-spiritual) Based Mindfulness (GBMi)

  • Masters in Gurmat Psycho-spiritual Therapy (MSc)

Sharonjit has had a successful 25 year career in the FMCG industry as well as her husband and her setting up and managing their own business for the past 18 years. Alongside her professional activity she has weathered numerous family traumas and has stepped in to raise children who would otherwise have fallen into the social care system. Her expertise is in understanding inter-generational dynamics and the toll that rigid and conflicting world views can have on relationships and on health. She works with women at all stages of their life who are struggling with consequences of mental conditioning -  their own and that of those in their environment. She will work with you to help you understand the prison that the mind has created for itself, whilst wrapping itself up in the bounds of expectations. She has lived experience of the devastating impact of substance abuse on families, who are equally afflicted by this destructive disease.  After gently leading you to a place of self-understanding and realisation she will equip you with a tool-kit of habits and practises to help you feel internal sanctuary and peace and to regain your inner power and sovereignty.

Specialism; Mental health, Children & families coping with addiction and substance abuse. 

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Sharon has direct lived experienced of the fall out of addiction within the family.

From the initial shock of discovery of the problem, living with the fear and anxiety of what disaster would need to be averted that day with her body in a permanent state of tension and anxiety. Years of living with the desperation and longing for a resolution and disregard for putting unreasonable expectations and demands on the self to be able to “fix the addict”. This narrow point of focus lead to a loss of perspective, compassion and understanding of how others were also feeling, deprioritising human warmth and kindness in favour of a relentless need for a desired outcome.

Gurmat Therapy allowed Sharon to see the extent of her own addiction, that of the need to control people and outcomes. It allowed her to see the universality of the human condition which allowed her to approach her circumstances and relationships with more compassion and understanding. Gurmat therapy will lead you out of living in a fear based world of doomsday scenarios to acceptance of the current reality to the relative peacefulness and colour of present moment living.

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Over 26 years ago a tragic death in her family set off an unanticipated direction in Sharon’s life. For the next 20 years she unconsciously prioritised the needs of all those around her, themselves experiencing progressive suffering from the consequences of the circumstances they found themselves locked into.

It was a shocking encounter for her to recognise the havoc that had been caused to her own health, well-being and relationships through a lifetime of making decisions based on her need to rescue others, driven by a conditioned super-hero Ego-complex.

This is often a typical behaviour in South Asian families where women subjugate and sacrifice their own self-care and well-being for their loved ones. In acting according with our conditioning of selflessness, we become wholly other focussed and in a world of increasing selfishness we become trapped in the illusion that making the other happy, is the way to be whole and purposeful ourselves. We go to extreme lengths in pursuit of this misguided happiness and in doing so we unconsciously give permission to others to ill-treat us and signal to others that we are not deserving of kindness and care.

Gurmat Therapy will help you on a path of deconstruction of the unhelpful and deluded identity of martyr and/ victim that has been created and which we have willingly donned. It will allow you to relinquish the limitations of self-belief that you have lived with for so long and will allow you to experience the beauty of self-acceptance and love. Gurmat Therapy will teach you to become free of the burden of the past and anxiety of the unknown future. It will teach you instead to live fearlessly and gratefully in the only thing you actually have, which is the precious moment of Now.

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Sign up for a bespoke holistic health prescription enabling you to cultivate health, healing and wholeness. After completing a full whole health assessment, we will prescribe you an evidence-based tailored prescription, based on your individual health needs bringing together 1-2-1 Transpersonal Therapy, Right-mindfulness based health intervention (samasatti), Authentic Compassion-based interventions, Qi Gong Therapy, Right-Yoga Therapy (embodied), Breath (Pranayama) Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Nutrition (Science of healing) and other Integral health therapies.

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